Apple Store, 上海浦東

Apple(股票代號: Aapl) is on Sale!  It closed yesterday at $587.44, and it is definitely cheaper than when it was at $640ish.   Long AAPL like you buy edible apples while grocery shopping, the more an item is on sale, the more you buy!  Don’t chicken out!  Rise above your own emotion!

Refer to my previous post for apple valuation.

Sell Apple May $540 Put expiring in 4 weeks for $12.00(This is the price it last traded at yesterday, but the higher the price the better for us) for a 4 weeks holding period yield of 2.22% (28.85% annualized return for comparison)!  The option price is still very expensive because of high volatility, so sell cash covered put to give yourself a chance to enter.  Adjust the strike depending on your own risk appetite.

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