Recently I read an article about the high flying Real Estate price in Hong Kong, and one of the conclusions was as a result, in spite of this being the year of the DRAGON, the birth rate this year so far has been lagging behind by 5.6% than same time last year, which is unusual and in contrast to the previous years of the dragon, which saw a significant increase in birth rate.

The article offered a simple explanation, the direct linking of the high real estate price and low birth rate has reminded me of the idea of “correlation vs. causality, and how incentive matters” from the books and movie, Freakonomics; and Superfreakonomics.

The ideas entail are mind blowing, and they are extremely interesting unlike the dreaded discipline of Economics, the topics from the books and the DVD are great fun and easy to understand for all people and I ESPECIALLY recommend them to NEW PARENTS.  The movie explores many interesting daily phenomena like, what really makes a GOOD PARENT? and how an Economist Potty Train his baby girl.

Please take a minute to view some of the videos, and I bet you will be surprised by some of the outcomes.

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